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Cord and Pulley blinds are custom made in our Toowoomba Workshop to ensure a precise fit and are able to be installed in most areas including covered roof areas, verandahs and pergolas.  Cord and Pulley blinds are also known as bistro blinds, café blinds or patio blinds.  

Manual roll-up blinds are a more economical option, the same principle as cord and pulley blinds but without the cords and pulleys, simply roll-up by hand and secure with a tab at the top.

Clear and tinted PVC or mesh fabrics are very popular for the cord and pulley style of external blind.  Other fabric options include canvas and light weight acrylic fabrics. 

Standard Inclusions for Cord and Pulley Blinds:

  • Cord and Pulley System: Easy to use system where blinds are raised or lowered by pulling or releasing the plaited rope that runs through the pulley system.
  • Steel Support Batten: In a pocket at the top of the cord and pulley blind is the steel support batten which screws into the headboard. 
  • Bottom Pocket: Fitted with a galvanised tube that creates stability and acts as a roller when pulling the cord and pulley blind up or down.
  • Terylene Webbing Straps: Anchors the cord and pulley blind when in use. 
  • Powder Coating: Tracks and fittings are powder coated in our cord and pulley blinds. 
  • Cleats & Breeching Staples: Cleats are fitted to your post to wrap the cord around when the cord and pulley blind is rolled up.  Breeching staples anchor the blind at the bottom.  These components are always stainless steel.

Optional Extras Available for Cord and Pulley Blinds:

  • Post Attachment:  Cord and pulley blinds can be attached to posts using zippers and sail track for additional stability, tension and weather protection. Sunset Canvas only uses YKK Zippers for their superior strength. 
  • Pan Plates: These are flat plates used to anchor cord and pulley blinds to the floor in high traffic areas to prevent a trip hazard. 
  • Signwriting: For commercial applications, add a logo or business name on the cord and pulley blinds to promote your business.

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Your outdoor area has difficult openings perhaps our popular Ziptrak® Blind system is not suitable, still you need to prevent some of the wind, rain and sun.  Your solution, cord and pulley blinds or manual roll-ups. Whatever you choose they will look great, your outdoor area will become an extension to your living area.

Nosey neighbour or just need more privacy, your solution is Visiontex Mesh in your Ziptrak® Blinds, keep the view when you look out but no vision in during the day.

Want visibility, Clear PVC will do the trick but be sure you are happy with the maintenance required to maintain the clarity of the clear PVC.

Cord and Pulley Blinds - Fabric Options

Mesh Fabrics

Clear and Tinted PVC

Clear and Tinted PVC


  • Most popular - Up to 70% of cord and pulley blinds are mesh.
  • Lots of solid colours and stripes.
  • Easy Maintenance - Hose off and you're finished.  For more built up dirt and grim use the Swiftee Cleaner (available in-store or online) - dilute and apply using a sponge, squeegee or soft-bristle broom, rinse and dry.
  • View - Good visibility from inside.
  • Privacy - You can't see through the mesh from outside during the day.
  •  Keeps in the internal heat and provides sun protection. 

Clear and Tinted PVC

Clear and Tinted PVC

Clear and Tinted PVC


  • Regular maintenance on your cord and pulley blinds is required - brush down, hose off, polish with Vuplex (available in-store or online) to keep the clarity of the clear or tinted PVC. 
  • Keeps in the warmth during winter if area is exposed to sun but provides no sun protection.
  • Does not obstruct your view.

Visiontex Mesh Brochure (pdf)


Visiontex Mesh Cleaning Care (pdf)


Swiftee® Mesh Fabric Cleaner (pdf)


Easislip Clear PVC Brochure (pdf)


Easislip Clear PVC Cleaning Care (pdf)


Vuplex for Cleaning Clear PVC (pdf)


Q & A

Do you do a free Measure & Quote for Cord and Pulley Blinds?
Yes, in Toowoomba and surrounding areas quotes are able to be arranged quickly and easily by contacting us.

For other areas across the Darling Downs, Lockyer Valley and South West Queensland please contact us, we are certainly able to assist.  Sunset Canvas regularly travels to Dalby, Chinchilla, St George, Gatton, Laidley, Kingaroy, Stanthorpe and beyond.

Sunset Canvas can also provide a free quote for supply of external blinds and awnings to send throughout Australia for DIY fitting.

How do I clean my Cord and Pulley Blinds?

Download the PDF above for Visiontex Mesh Cleaning Care or Easislip Clear PVC Cleaning Care.

Can Sunset Canvas fit my Cord and Pulley Blinds?
Yes, we manufacture cord and pulley blinds in our Toowoomba Workshop and installation would generally be carried out by the person who made the cord and pulley blinds.  Fitting is available for all types of blinds, awnings and shutters.  Sunset Canvas also regularly travels throughout the Darling Downs, Lockyer Valley and South West Queensland.

Can I fit my Cord and Pulley Blinds myself?
Yes, supply only kits with fitting instructions can be provided.

Are Cord and Pulley Blinds able to be freighted?
Yes, Australia wide freight can be arranged. POA.

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