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Ziptrak® blinds are unparalleled on today’s market, creating a stylish look, yet being easy to operate and providing more complete protection against the sun, wind and rain, keeping areas cooler in summer and warmer in winter.    Enhance the look and feel of your home or business and use your outdoor area all year round with Ziptrak® external blinds.

Australian made and invented Ziptrak® blinds have been developed and improved over the past 15 years.  Sunset Canvas is an authorised dealer and manufacturer for genuine Ziptrak® Blinds.  All the Ziptrak® Blinds are manufactured on-site in our Toowoomba Workshop to ensure the best outcome is always achieved.

Close in a covered roof area, patio or pergola, the Ziptrak® track guided blind system has specially designed slotted tracks in which the blind glides smoothly and easily, stopping at any position. The centre release mechanism in the bottom bar, exclusive to Ziptrak® makes the operation of Ziptrak® blinds quick and easy, no more time consuming crank handles or cord and pulleys.  

For extra ease of use, Ziptrak® blinds are also available with remote control operated electric motors, making a simple process even easier.  Motorisation (electrical point required) is recommended for mesh Ziptrak® blinds only, clear PVC becomes stiff in cold weather and therefore it becomes more difficult for the motor to raise and lower the blinds.

Why Ziptrak® External Blinds?

  • Ziptrak® blinds can be left at any height.
  • Ziptrak® blinds can be made up to 6m wide and 3.5m high.
  • Ziptrak® blinds feature a unique central lock release mechanism - pull lever upwards and raise the blind all in one simple action.
  • Ziptrak® blinds can be operated manually or be motorised.
  • Ziptrak® blinds do not rattle in the wind.
  • Ziptrak® blinds help reduce energy bills.
  • Ziptrak® blinds can be used with a variety of fabrics.
  • Ziptrak® blinds do not use ropes, zips, pulleys or crank handles.

Standard Inclusions for Ziptrak® Blinds:

  • The Ziptrak® frame system allows the fabric to slide smoothly through guides at the side of the frame onto the top roller, stopping along the tracks at any position you require using a special spring balance system. 
  • The bottom bar of Ziptrak® blinds can be secured and locked in the down position. 
  • The Ziptrak® aluminium guide and frame has a powder coated finish.
  • High quality components are used throughout Ziptrak® blinds.

Optional Extras Available for Ziptrak® Blinds:

  • Motorisation of Ziptrak® blinds: Hard wired (electrical point required).
  • Pelmets: Looks great and protects the roller and Ziptrak® blind when rolled up.
  • Weather Strip: Improves the seal on uneven floors, easily compressing to fill the gaps. The black, soft material is UV resistant for years of outdoor use.

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Make your outdoor space a new addition to your everyday living area.  Blinds down to deter the rain, wind and sun.  Blinds up, it's a nice day to let the sun shine in.  Or maybe somewhere in between, stop your blinds at any height.

Nosey neighbour or just like more privacy, your solution is Vistaweave Mesh in your Ziptrak® Blinds, see the view when you look out but no vision in during the day.

Want visibility, clear PVC will do the trick but be sure you are happy with the maintenance necessary to maintain clarity.

Mesh Ziptrak® Blinds - Check Out the View from Inside - The Privacy from Outside

Ziptrak® Blinds - See how easy they are to use!

Competitor's Crank Blind Vs

Ziptrak® Spring with Centre Release Mechanism

Visiontex Visualiser App

Make your fabric colour choice easy

Ziptrak® Blinds Brochure (pdf)


Ziptrak® User Guide and Care Instructions (pdf)


Ziptrak® Blinds - Fabric Options

Mesh Ziptrak® Blinds

Tinted PVC Ziptrak® Blinds

Clear PVC Ziptrak® Blinds


  • Popular for external blinds and awnings - Up to 90% of our Ziptrak® Blinds are mesh.
  • Lots of solid colours and stripes.
  • Easy Maintenance - Hose off and you're finished. For more built up dirt and grim use the Swiftee Cleaner (available in-store or online) - dilute and apply using a sponge, squeegee or soft-bristle broom, rinse and dry. 
  • View - Good visibility from inside.
  • Privacy - You can't see through the mesh from outside during the day.
  • Keeps in the internal heat and provides sun protection.

Clear PVC Ziptrak® Blinds

Tinted PVC Ziptrak® Blinds

Clear PVC Ziptrak® Blinds


  • Regular maintenance of clear Ziptrak® Blinds is required - brush down, hose off, polish with Vuplex to keep the clarity of the clear PVC. 
  • Keeps in the warmth during winter if area is exposed to sun but provides no sun protection.
  • Does not obstruct your view.

Tinted PVC Ziptrak® Blinds

Tinted PVC Ziptrak® Blinds

Tinted PVC Ziptrak® Blinds


  • Regular maintenance of tinted Ziptrak® Blinds is required - brush down, hose off, polish with Vuplex to keep the clarity of the tinted PVC. 
  • Keeps in the warmth during winter if area is exposed to sun but provides limited sun protection.
  • Does not obstruct your view.

Vistaweave Brochure (pdf)


Vistaweave Maintenance Guide (pdf)


Swiftee® Mesh Fabric Cleaner (pdf)


Easislip Clear PVC Brochure (pdf)


Easislip Clear PVC Cleaning Care (pdf)


Vuplex for Cleaning Clear PVC (pdf)


Q & A

Do you do a free Measure & Quote for Ziptrak® Blinds?
Yes, in Toowoomba and surrounding areas quotes are able to be arranged quickly and easily by contacting us.

For other areas across the Darling Downs, Lockyer Valley and South West Queensland please contact us, we are certainly able to assist.  Sunset Canvas regularly travels to Dalby, Chinchilla, St George, Gatton, Laidley, Kingaroy, Stanthorpe and beyond.

Sunset Canvas can also provide a free quote for supply of external blinds and awnings to send throughout Australia for DIY fitting.

What are the maximum dimensions for Ziptrak®  blinds?
For mesh the maximum size is 6000mm wide x 3500mm high. For Clear PVC maximum size is 5500mm wide x 3000mm high.  Please be aware that joins will be necessary on larger widths.  Our sales people can advise what will be necessary.

Is it possible to install Ziptrak® blinds if the opening is more than 6000mm?
Yes, but you need to divide the opening using either a fixed or removable post.

How should I maintain my Ziptrak® Blinds? 

Please refer to the PDF above called Ziptrak® User Guide and Care Instructions.

Can I leave my Ziptrak® Blinds down in strong winds or storm? 

Please refer to the PDF above called Ziptrak® User Guide and Care Instructions. 

What are the fitting options for Ziptrak® Blinds?
Sunset Canvas manufactures Ziptrak® blinds in our workshop in Toowoomba and when Sunset Canvas fits the blinds, the person who manufactures the blinds generally installs the blinds.  Fitting is available for all types of blinds, awnings and shutters.  Sunset Canvas also regularly travels throughout the Darling Downs, Lockyer Valley and South West Queensland.


Sunset Canvas can supply Ziptrak®  blinds but fitting should only be attempted by a competent person.  Fitting instructions will be provided.  You should be aware that all Ziptrak® warranties are void if not fitted by a trained fitter.

Are Ziptrak® blinds able to be freighted?
Yes, Australia wide freight can be arranged.  POA.

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