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Sunset Canvas uses an ultra strong reinforcing technique superior to other methods to ensure you are not continually repairing your tarp and side curtains, roll over tarp or sliding curtains at the tie-down or wear points where the pressure is at its utmost.

Best practices are adhered to, best fabrics for the purpose are used and you can be assured when it's fully Australian made in our Toowoomba Workshop the quality will be excellent.

Need any of these:

  • Repairs will be sorted with a minimum of hassle for any type of tarp.
  • Waterproofing of tarps, revitalise your older tarps.
  • Tarp ropes - standard sizes or made to requirements.
  • Coils of rope available for purchase.
  • Road train sign covers made to your requirements.

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Don't be constantly detailing with tarp repairs, your tarp and side curtains, rollover tarp or sliding curtains will be made from a tough fabric to take the knocks and all the main wear or tie-down points are top notch.  You'll have all the essentials to keep you moving.

Tarp & Side Curtains


Tarpaulins and side curtains are manufactured by Sunset Canvas using an ultra strong reinforcing technique to ensures you are not continually repairing the tarp at the tie-down points.


  • PVC Vinyl fabric or canvas. The Sales people are able to discuss the best option for your use.


  • Reinforcing:  Extra strong at stress points. 
  • Rope Edge Perimeter:  6mm rope sewn into hem for added strength. 
  • Eyelets: Brass eyelets are in a reinforced patch (eyelets sit against the rope edge to minimise the chance of the eyelet pulling out). 
  • Ropes: Silver tarp ropes are UV stabilised.

Optional Extras Available:

  • Steel Ring Shorteners: Fully reinforced in a triangular patch. 
  • Stencil: Your name or company name can be stencilled onto your tarp for identification and to prevent theft.

Roll Over Tarps


Rollover tarps can be manufactured to standard specifications or can be custom-made to suit your trailer. The PVC vinyl used is extra heavy duty and your rollover tarp will be reinforced at critical wear points for strength avoiding costly repairs and downtime.


Heavy Duty PVC Vinyl (930g/m2) - superior grade vinyl, rip resistant with gloss coating on both sides for durability and strength for rollover tarps. 


  • Joins: High frequency welded – waterproof and extra strong. 
  • Overlap:  500mm drop over the back, front and driver’s side of the trailer. 
  • Ropes:  Silver ropes are UV stabilised. 
  • Attachments:  Rubber rings are attached to ropes that hook onto the alloy hooks we mount to your trailer

Optional Extras Available:

  • Screen printing or stencilling: As per your specifications to identify your rollover tarp. 

Sliding Curtains


Sliding truck curtains or torque liners can be time consuming and expense to repair if they have to be removed from your truck.  Sunset Canvas will ensure your sliding truck curtains will have all the necessary reinforcing and are made in a quality, durable material.


Heavy Duty PVC Vinyl (930g/m2) - superior grade vinyl, rip resistant with gloss coating on both sides for durability and strength for sliding curtains.


  • Top Edge: Reinforced to take ball bearing plate rollers.
  • Bottom Edge:  Reinforced at the coaming rail.  
  • Attachments:  Stainless steel buckles with tensioning strap to suit tie rail and coaming rail.
  • Reinforcing: Ribbed webbing welded on the inside behind each buckle and continuing up the full height of the curtain behind the plate roller at the top edge for additional strength.

Additional Extras Available:

  • Insulated:  Can be fully insulated.
  • Reinforcing:  Gate reinforcing is recommended for extra strength and durability.
  • Signwriting:  Add your business name, logo and pictures to promote your business. 

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