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Caravan Roll Out Awning and Annexe Walls....

At Sunset Canvas we supply and fit roll-out caravan awnings and custom-make detachable walls for new or existing roll-out awnings.  

If your caravan roll-out awning needs a replacement skin, no problem, Sunset Canvas can replace the skin and have you caravanning in comfort again in no time.

Other products available:

  • Shade cloth privacy screens.
  • Caravan draft curtains custom-made and fitted to your caravan.

Camper Trailer Tonneau Covers and Repairs.....

Camper tonneau covers, manufactured by Sunset Canvas, are a well-fitted, top quality accessory for your camper trailer.  Repairs to your camper canvas are also possible.  

Other products available:

  • Canvas waterproofing in 1 litre, 4 litre and 10 litre tins to prevent leaks.

Pop-top caravan insert seen better days, Sunset Canvas will replace the insert giving new life to your pop-top caravan.

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Joined the ranks of the grey nomads but your caravan needs a new roll out awning or annexe walls.  

Love being in your camper but it's a bit worse for wear and needs a few repairs or new tonneau.  

No worries, nothing will stop the caravanning or camping trip, just a stop-off for a fix-up at Sunset Canvas before you're on your way again to continue living the dream.

Rollout Caravan Awning and Annexe Walls

Rollout Caravan Awning and Annexe Walls

Rollout Caravan Awning and Annexe Walls


Roll Out Awning

Sunset Canvas supply and fit the roll out awning for your caravan in your choice of colour.

Roll-Out Awning Wall Details:

  • Fabrics:  PVC Vinyl, commercial grade shade cloth or canvas - your choice.  Shade cloth privacy screens are also available.
  • Custom Made:  You choose the number of doorways, windows, if your require screening of windows or doors and any additional extras.  
  • Easy to erect.
  • Roof supports strengthened if required.
  • Only quality fabrics are used.

Fabric Details: 

Fabrics will be discussed at time of quotation and is dependent on your needs.

Additonal Extras Available:

  • Anti-flap kits, pegs, poles and guy ropes also sold separately. 
  • Stone-guard protector for your caravan. 
  • Draft curtains for your caravan. 

Camper Repairs & Tonneau Covers

Rollout Caravan Awning and Annexe Walls

Rollout Caravan Awning and Annexe Walls


Camper Trailer Repairs

Your camper trailer has a broken zipper or perhaps a ripped window or doorway, these can be repaired but sometimes the canvas  may need to be removed from the trailer.  Most things are possible but it is best to speak to one of our Sales People so they can discuss the repair process. 

Waterproofing is available to "paint" onto your canvas to eliminate the leaks.

Camper Trailer Tonneau Covers

A quality camper trailer tonneau cover ensures you will  travel to your favourite destination knowing your camper trailer and gear is protected from dust and rain. 

Fabrics Details:

  • PVC Vinyl Fabric:
    • High quality, rip-resistant PVC fabric with a gloss acrylic lacquer on both sides.  Easy to clean if you  4WD or your vehicle is used on dusty roads.
    • Excellent colour range (see PDF file below).
    • Highly water, rot and mildew resistant.
    • Fire retardant.
    • UV stabilised.
    • Resists tearing and ripping.

Standard Inclusions:

  • Additional height can be gained for the extra camping items you want covered.
  • Only quality fabrics used.
  • Your choice of colour.
  • High frequency welded joins to elminate leaks.
  • Secured by stretch cord for more height and flexibility for your load if required.


PVC Vinyl Fabric Colour Range for Camper Tonneau Covers (pdf)



Do you need my caravan to manufacture walls for my caravan roll-out awning? 

Yes, we require your caravan to fabricate the walls for your caravan roll-out awning.  

How long does it take to fit a roll-out awning and fabricate annexe walls?

The time frame would be dependent on the options required.  Our sales people will give you this information at the time of quoting.  If your caravan is required for more than one day it will be securely stored inside our Workshop.

Do you need my camper trailer to manufacture a new tonneau cover? 

Generally, it is preferable to make a replacement camper tonneau cover directly from the trailer or we are able to manufacture a replacement using the old cover as a template.

How long does it take to fabricate a camper tonneau cover?

If you bring your camper trailer to us, we would require the camper trailer for 4-6 hours.

What should I use to clean my caravan roll-out awning and annexe walls or my camper tonneau cover? 

Warm soapy water is recommended.  Harsh cleaners such as truck wash should never be used.  Keep petrol, kerosene or similar solvents away.  Scrubbing should be avoided as it may also damage the fabric.

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