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At Sunset Canvas ute canopies and trailer canopies are our specialty.  In a typical fortnight, we fabricate 10 to 15 ute canopies in our Toowoomba Workshop.  Sunset Canvas will custom-make your utility canopy to suit your vehicle and tray with any additional extras you require.  Your trailer canopy will be manufactured with the same attention to detail.  

By using only quality fabrics your utility or trailer canopy will be a well-fitted accessory that will cover and protect your load but still provide easy zippered access to your tray. All fabrics are available in various colour options.

Fabric options available for utility canopies and trailer canopies:

  • PVC Vinyl -
    • High quality, rip-resistant PVC fabric with a gloss acrylic lacquer on both sides.  Easy to clean if you  4WD or your vehicle is used on dusty roads.
    • Highly water, rot and mildew resistant.
    • Fire retardant.
    • UV stabilised.
    • Resists tearing and ripping.
  • Hooding Fabric -
    • Most popular fabric used in 85% of our utility canopies.
    • Marine grade textured PVC with matt finish, looks great. 
    • 100% polyester backing on fabric making the fabric more breathable.  This is the best option if you camp in your vehicle.  
    • Excellent strength to weight ratio.
    • Highly water, rot and mildew resistant.
    • UV stabilised and colour fast.
    • High resistance to soiling and abrasion.
  • Canvas -
    • Waterproof and rot resistant.
    • Two way Ripstop® - high tear strength.

Sunset Canvas is able to supply the frame or, if you prefer, we can use your frame.

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Your camping adventure awaits, the tinnie is on the ladder racks, your ute canopy is fully screened, your awning will simply zip onto your canopy.  Staying longer, attach the walls to your awning and you will be living the dream.  


Maybe your ute is the workhorse, the basic ute canopy conceals everything in your tray.  Unzip the ute canopy, roll up the sides, easy access makes life easy.

Whatever your use, your ute canopy will look fantastic and be a great addition to your vehicle.

PVC Vinyl Colour Range (pdf)


Hooding Fabric Colours (pdf)


Ripstop 10 440 Canvas Colours (pdf)


Have a look at the different types of vehicle and trailer canopies...

Standard Utility Canopy

Frame Details for Utility Canopy


Standard frame inclusions for ute canopies:

  • Rolled sheet metal on sides:  Eliminates sharp corners and prevents rubbing on canopy fabric.
  • Stepped out to meet vehicle tray: Frame sits over the outer edge of your tray for a tailored finish to the utility canopy.
  • Fully primed: no corrosion.



Approximately 95% of utility canopy frames follow the shape of the headboard.  The canopy becomes a well-fitted accessory, designed to suit your vehicle.

Optional Extras Available:

  • Follow headboard shape (shown above).
  • Step-out over headboard (shown above).
  • Two ladder racks with the frame made of heavier steel.  Frame rated to 100kg when bolted down.
  • Three ladder racks with the frame made of heavier steel and having a third bow.  Frame rated to 100kg when bolted down.

Standard Ute Canopy Details


Fabrics are the customer's choice depending on the vehicle use.  Hooding fabric is the most popular for utility canopies, it looks great & lasts well in the outdoors.

Standard Inclusions:

  • Two Windows:  One front & back for visibility.
  • Six YKK Zippers:  Two on each side & two at the back just in from the corners for easy access.  In our opinion, YKK zippers will outperform all other zippers.
  • Roll Up Tabs:  To secure side and back walls when rolled up.
  • Two Air Vents with Roll Up Ties:  Eliminates dust suction inside the canopy and allows air circulation.
  • Attachment to Tray:  Double eyelets with stretch cord attached to buttons.



The option of  roll-up bars and individual lugs are added on almost all of our ute canopies. Customers opt for ease of use and a more firm fit for their utility canopy.

Optional Extras Available:

  • Aluminium Roll-Up Bars in Hems:  Easy to roll up sides and back (shown above).
  • Individual Lugs to replace stretch cord and eyelets (shown above).


  • Buttonless System using patented aluminium track attached to top of tray, plastic strip sewn into the bottom of canopy that presses into the track. 
  • Additional YKK Zippers.
  • Additional Windows.
  • Privacy Flaps to the inside of the windows.
  • Pin Striping.
  • Extend the Canopy to bottom of tray.

If you have any additional requirements, over the years Sunset Canvas has made many options to suit individual customers eg. internal dividers, air vents in the roof, etc.  Phone 0746331600 to discuss your requirements, we are happy to help.



The camping awning zips onto a flap that is sewn onto the ute canopy at the time of manufacture.  The valance is added to to the awning to allow for wall attachments.

Optional Extras Available - Camping:

  • Screens for Canopy: Added to sides and/or back of the utility canopy.  Multi mesh is used for its durability.  Great if you are sleeping in the back of the utility.
  • Individual Lugs to Fasten Screens:  Replaces double eyelets and stretch cord.
  • Extend the Screens to the Bottom of the Tray - Only available if the canopy is also extended to the bottom of the tray.
  • Provision for Awning/Fly: Flap with one-half of the open-end zipper is sewn into the top edge at the side and/or back of the canopy to allow for a zip-on awning. 
  • Awning off the side and/or back of canopy:  Provision (as mentioned above) must be built into the canopy.  The awning zips onto the flap and can be added now or later.
  • Awning Valance: On the awning the valance hides the attachment points for walls to be added.
  • Walls for Awning.

Hardtop Utility Canopy

Frame Details



  • Designed to suit your needs.
  • Alloy Checker Plate Hardtop.
  • Aluminium track on four sides to take canopy walls.
  • Accessories (eg. cargo holders, ladders) can be added as required.

Canopy Sides


Standard Inclusions:

  • Designed to suit your needs.
  • All the inclusions, optional extras and camping optional extras for our Standard Canopy are available (see above).

Lockable Mesh Utility Canopy

Frame Details



  • Designed to suit your needs.
  • Full mesh.
  • Gas strutted gates that lift upwards.
  • Lockable latches.
  • Accessories (eg. ladder racks) can be added as required.  

Canopy Details



  • Designed to suit your needs.
  • All the inclusions, optional extras and camping optional extras for our Standard Canopy are available (see above).

Trailer Canopy

Frame Details



  • Rolled sheet metal on sides:  Eliminates sharp corners and prevents rubbing on canopy fabric.
  • Fully primed: no corrosion.

Optional Extras Available:

  • Two ladder racks with the frame made of heavier steel.  Frame rated to 100kg when bolted down.

Canopy Details



  • Designed to suit your needs.
  • All the inclusions, optional extras and camping optional extras for our Standard Canopy are available (see above).

Q & A

Do you need my vehicle to manufacture a utility canopy?

  • Frame
    • If pre-measured a week or two before the canopy is to be manufactured, the frame can be manufactured in advance without requiring your vehicle. It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to pre-measure.  
    • Pre-measure not possible, Sunset Canvas will require your vehicle for one additional day for frame manufacture at the time the canopy is made. 
  • Canopy 
    • To custom-make your canopy takes a minimum of one day, drop off the vehicle first up in the morning and your canopy will be finished by 4pm.  For some additional extras the vehicle may be required longer.

What should I use to clean my utility canopy?  

  • Vinyl and Hooding Fabrics:  Warm soapy water is recommended.
  • Canvas:  Brush regularly with a soft brush and hose with cold water. Do not apply soaps, detergents or other cleaning fluids. 
  • All Fabrics:  Harsh cleaners such as truck wash should never be used.  Keep petrol, kerosene or similar solvents away.  Scrubbing should be avoided as it may also damage the fabric.  Do not allow bird droppings, earth, sand or vegetable matter to remain in contact with the fabric.  
  • PVC Windows: Vuplex is available to protect & enhance the clarity of your windows.  
  • Zippers:  Silicone spray (food grade only is recommended) will keep your zippers gliding effortlessly.

Canopy Care Kits are available on-line (see below).

Can I supply my own frame?   

Yes, our Salespeople would be happy to discuss the options and finishes for your canopy frame.    

How much will it cost for a ute canopy?  

 Ute canopies have many options and are tailor-made to our customer's requirements.  Our  basic canopy, with the customer supplying the frame, starts at around $1000.

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